Learning to drive for the first time can be stressful for students and their parents or partners in fact, everyone!

Students are typically on a big learning curve while their supervisors typically, parents or partners are often under equipped to teach driving – often because it was such a long time ago since they were learner drivers themselves.

As qualified Keys2Drive instructors we are uniquely positioned to help both students and their supervisors in the learning to drive process – helping to diffuse what can often be a stress time (at least, in the very beginning).

By going online you can select from all our Keys2Drive options ranging from 1 or 2 hour sessions through to our premier 10 hour package. And the ‘hidden’ bonus where you get the first hour of instruction ‘free’ courtesy of the Federal Government.

Choose any of our Keys2Drive programs to help diffuse your stress, get everyone understanding each other’s perspective and working on the same page together as a team.

We offer a wide range of Keys2Drive lesson times including weekends. Or perhaps you have a few questions – then feel free to call anytime during business hours and we’ll be pleased to answer your questions.

Booking your Keys2Drive lesson can be so quick and easy, in just few minutes, all done – online 24/7.

To explain further the Keys2Drive program is specifically designed to assist students and their supervisors work better together with a view to creating better, safer learner drivers.

Keys2Drive seeks to improve learner’s driving skills and decision-making processes in order to maximum their safety as they transition from supervised to solo drivers on their red and green P-plates.




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