About Us

Learning to drive can be fun !

We entirely understand your thoughts around learning to drive, and how finding the right driving instructor will be central to you successfully learning to drive and passing your practical driving test.

So how can our approach deliver you the results you are seeking?

We never assume anything. This ensures every student we train acquires the same high standard of core driving skills in areas such as cockpit controls, vehicle operation and blind spots, etc.

We find this early focus on establishing solid driving skills and good habits will help boost your confidence and will pay great dividends later on.

Finding your own way. We bring to every lesson our driver training philosophy of ‘self discovery’. So ‘yes’ we encourage you to make a few mistakes so each time you learn how to correct and improve your driving technique for yourself.

This is a ‘bottom-up’ rather than a ‘top-down’ learning approach and specifically designed to maximise your independence and keeping you safe once you start driving ‘solo’ on your P-plates or Open licence.

We deliver student-centred learning. We don’t follow a rigid training formula because in our experience every student is different according to factors such as aptitude, experience, etc.

Instead we use our professional judgement to create a pathway tailored to your particular situation with a view to helping you make solid progress towards your end goals.

Highly professional instructors. All our instructors are highly successful having trained hundreds, if not thousands, of students in learning how to drive and prepare not just to pass your practical driving test but for a lifetime of safe driving.

This means they are fully trained in how to remain calm, be patient and explain things clearly whatever your driving experience, progress or background.

So our primary objective is to allay your fears and concerns, and help get you the essential driving skills and confidence you need to successfully prepare for your practical driving test.

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