Your 'Open Licence' Journey

Driver Knowledge Test


A written multi-choice test of 30 questions that evaluates your knowledge of learner licence conditions and the road rules; requires 9 of 10 correct about ‘giving way’ and 18 of 20 correct for the remaining questions.

Remember strict limitations apply to learner drivers including you can only drive under the supervision of a valid open licence holder who has held their open licence for at least one year.

Minimum eligible age: 16 years
Elapsed time: 00 months

Practical Driving Assessment


A practical driving assessment of 35 minutes duration with a driving examiner. The assessment follows a prescribed format in which certain conditions are encountered e.g. high-speed merge and/or specific manoeuvres are accomplished i.e. parallel park, U-turn, etc plus a minimum number of left and right-hand turns, etc.

Remember strict limitations apply to provisional drivers such as mobile use and peer passenger restrictions, as well as high-powered vehicle and late night driving restrictions.

Minimum eligible age: 17 years
Elapsed time: 12+ months (minimum)

Hazard Perception Test


Good hazard perception is based upon getting plenty of driving experience and your ability to read the road ahead (to the side, and behind) as you continually scan for any potential hazards that may become a danger to you and others on the road.

This online video assessment with traffic scenes requires you to identify the ‘hazards’ present across various scenes. Where your reaction time between spotting various hazards with a mouse click determines your score. The hazard perception test takes about 15 minutes however, you probably need to allow for 45 minutes overall.

Minimum eligible age: 18 years
Elapsed time: 24+ months

Open Licence


Upon meeting the conditions of the open licence such as being, at least 20 years old and most often having held your provisional licence for the required time period – you automatically become qualify for an open licence.

An open licence requires you amongst other things to only drive vehicles of the allowed class i.e. motor car automatic (class CA) or either manual or automatic (class C), etc.

Minimum eligible age: 20 years
Elapsed time: 48+ months

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