Hourly Driving Lessons

Just starting out, returning after a break, or just wanting to maintain your momentum?

Sometimes it can be difficult just trying to find the time in your busy day or week.

We offer a wide choice of lessons and time slots to suit your schedule.

Choose from a wide range of hours across seven days a week or by appointment you can even help you catch-up on a few missing ‘night’ hours!

Or perhaps you have a few questions – then feel free to call anytime during business hours and we’ll be pleased to help.

Whether it is finding your first instructor or booking another session with your favourite instructor?

Booking a lesson is so quick and easy, in just few minutes, all done – online 24/7.

So try us out for an hour with no further obligation. Or book another lesson with your favourite instructor, take up a special offer or perhaps purchase a package for an even better deal!

Some Great Specials...

Whether you are just starting out, returning to driving after a break or getting ready for your practical test - there is a special here for you!

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2 Hours Driving

A great introduction to learning to drive conducted over 2 hours of practical Brisbane on-road learning experience!

Including the one hour Keys2Drive component conducted with you, your supervisor (often a family member), and your driving instructor.

Available in automatic and manual across all Brisbane metropolitan suburbs.

Note: This special offer requires student’s to have a valid Keys2Drive code.




5 Lesson Pack


5 Hours Driving

The packge includes 5 x 1 Hour (60 min) Driving Lessons




Accelerate Now!



Our very own ‘accelerate’ package has been specifically designed for those students on a mission! Your mission could be as varied as:
– Passing your driving test before your Learners expires?
– You now need to get your licence for your new job?
– Perhaps new family member is on the way?
– You have your automatic and/or need to change to manual?
Our accelerator package concentrates your sessions into five @ 2 hour lessons scheduled over a period of two weeks (more or less as per our respective schedules allow).
Available in automatic and manual across all Brisbane metropolitan suburbs.



Lessons Prices...


Service Auto Manual
1.0 Hour Lesson $65 $65
1.5 Hour Lesson $97.5 $97.5
2.0 Hour Lesson $130 $130
1.0 Hour Keys2Drive FREE* FREE*


* Requires student’s to have a valid Keys2Drive code

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